New Horse Related Links Will Be Added As I find Them.

Cross Stitching - Horses and Unique Items by Lydia Cleator.

Lots to choose from including Cross Stitch Patterns of a few of the

Arabian Pictures on my website and much more.  A very inexpensive

way to add a decorative personal touch for yourself or to make

and give as gifts. - check out her website.

Paintings (prints, bookmarkers, ect.) - Horses & More by Dawn Trinkler.

Very distinctive, one-of-a-kind Brushless art work. She has captured my stallion,

Thee Sandman, in many poses. Look for her work at a horse expo near you!

You may see an image of your horse or dog, it happens all the time

- check out her website!

One of Dawn's Paintings - "Chargin"

(A painting of Thee Sandman)

For Animal Photography

Visit Laurie Brown Photography

She truly captures the essence of animals.  She is credited with the many

wonderful pictures of the Arabians on my website.


This is Laurie's "sportsdog" Fiona who runs obstacle courses (agility I think its called)

and obviously loves to fetch sticks out of ponds.



at the

"Secret Pond"