The Good Ole' Days

Our Horses Of Yesteryear


Part Arabian - Cheval, 6 Years Old - 1967 Southern California


15/16 Arabian - WF Morgan Lefay born 1975 - Pictured 1982/1983 OR/KS

(Shar Mar Ferzinzon x Rabette (Rabiycar))


Arabian - Kagan  (Abu Nobi X Rahz Arah) 2 1/2 Years;1/2 Arabian Dancin - Pictured 1981 Hood River, OR 


WF Morgan Lefay &  Shurbet (by Mon Chat)  / Mystic Omen (Rolo Omen x WF Morgan Lefay) 

with sons, Russell and Darryl in 1982 KS                           with Larry Beethe in 1984 KS              



Faaystar - Yearling 1984 KS             Paragon Starlette DOB 1974            Major Talant - DOB 1984         

(El Faayek x Paragon Starlette)           (*Werbor x Hibb Ho Ho)                  (Talant x Paragon Starlette)


Faaystar                                                            Major Talant    



Tuhotmos at 23 Years - Pictured With Me in 1985 When on Lease to Marshall Partlow

(El Sareei x Moniet El Nefous)    


Our Horses Of The 90's and On

Sweet Surprize  DOB 1991 

(Faraz Ibn Nabiel x WW Bittersweet) 

Sold to Oklahoma


Gai Echquus  DOB 2001  

 (Echo Magnifficoo x Gai Radiant Rose)  

Sold to Vermont


Thee Sandaleena HT DOB 2003 (Pictured at 1 year)

(Thee Sandman x Sweet Surprize)

Sold to North Dakota


Sandancer HT  DOB 2003 (Pictured with me at 2 years)

(Thee Sandman x August Anne)

Sold to Troy, MO


Verlys provided the image for HT's Website Banner  


Silk As A Yearling

Thee Sandman and Me - 2004


Fadjurs Silk and Me - 2003                 Thee Sandman, Thee Magicman, Kheyona - 2004      


      Barn Kittens - 2005                            Inquisitive Des Baarez - 2005


Magicman HT DOB 2004 (Pictured at 2 1/2 months)

Fadjurs Silk and Ara Lea getting carrots from visitors - 2004


Raiding the alfalfa field - 2005

Thee Fiddler HT at 4 1/2 Months, August 2005

            Fiddler-Front.jpg (23303 bytes)

Desperado V taken at Varian's 50th Anniversary Jubilee - 8/2004

Desperados Verlys 2005


Desperados Verlys & Des Baarez

Des Baarez HT and Me - 9/1/05


Ara Lea and Me                                           August Anne and Me             




Thee Fiddler HT  and Fadjurs Silk

Photo Taken By Laurie Brown 9/05



Sandancer HT and Darryl 9/05   Sandancer HT Being Shown to New Owners 10/05 

Photos By Laurie Brown

(Sold to Troy, MO)


        Thee Magicman HT and Me          Thee Magicman HT and Sandancer HT


Photos by Laurie Brown 9/05



Thee Sandman and Me October 05


Teger a new barn kitten

Desperados Verlys And Ali Savant HT At 4 Weeks

(2006 Colt By Jullyen El Jamaal)

Des Baarez HT at 14 Months

Verlys, Ali Savant, Bailey (dog) and Me

Photo by Laurie Brown 6/06

Fadjurs Silk, Tucker HT and Me

Photo by Laurie Brown 6/06

2006 Visitors Photographed by Laurie Brown

Ali Savant HT    Thee Magicman HT




Fadjurs Silk

No Rest For Mom

Fadjurs Silk Fadjurs Silk and Tucker HT

Ali Savant and Fiddler


Tucker HT


Thee Sandman August 2006


Thee Sandman October 2006




Thee Sandman


Desperados Verlys 2006

Desperados Verlys 


Thee Fiddler HT and Thee Magicman HT Summer 2006


Ali Savant HT in Scottsdale 2006 TT Breeder's Sweepstakes


Photo by Marty Lockman


Ali Savant HT Region 3 Top 3 2006 Sweepstakes Colts


Darryl and Des Baarez 06/07

Photo by Laurie Brown


Justmystyle HT - 2007 Colt

Nadir I x Desperados Verlys

Photo By Laurie Brown


Kheyona at 27 1/2 years, Photo by Laurie Brown 10/07


Desperados Verlys 11 years, Photo By Laurie Brown


Desperado Verlys' 2007 Colt - Justmystyle HT at 7 Weeks

Photo by Laurie Brown


Desperados Verlys' 2006 Colt - Ali Savant HT at 18 months

Photo by Holly McDonald


Justmystyle 1 Year Old

May 2008

Justmystyle HT









Silki, Halia and Justmystyle June 2011



Farm Visitors




Residence on the Farm





The Farm March 2012



Randy Loup Visit to See Silki

June 2013


April 2017 Just Arrived at New Location in Freeman Missouri







     November 2017

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